Aquatic Restoration Reviews

Jack Snyder
Cumming, GA

We are new to the Atlanta area and were overwhelmed when we "inherited" a fish pond with our new home purchase. We researched pond services in our area when we came across Aquatic Restoration. The person who answered the phone was very helpful and was able to schedule a service for the time and day we needed. The crew they sent was very friendly and completed the pond maintenance we needed in a timely manner. We will call them for sure when we need a pond service.

Julie Beckett
Roswell, GA

Overall excellent service from troubleshooting to repair to maintenance. I feel fortunate to have them help keep our pond and fish happy!! I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of any type of pond service. I would use them without any hesitation when I need pond maintenance.

Diana Young
Atlanta, GA

My initial interaction with Aquatic Restoration and their team was great. They were quick to respond, explain everything to me, provided a reliable pond maintenance service we needed at a reasonable rate, and provided all the necessary information we needed. They are an honest and reliable pond company to work with.

Elizabeth Garrett
Newnan, GA

We couldn’t have been happier with Aquatic Restoration. They did a really great job with the dredging and the pond problems we had. I have never seen a crew spend so much time to get every detail right and I really appreciate that. They were always very reliable and professional. I believe no matter what I asked them to do it would have turned out great. They are the company that I will go to when I need any pond-related services. Keep up with the good work.

Joshua Wilson
Canton, GA

Austin and his team are incredible to work with and go beyond what’s asked of them. Punctual, professional, and are extremely good at their craft. Highly recommend Aquatic Restoration anyone in the area looking to hire a pond management company.

Susan Taylor
Madison, GA

Quality work on the ponds and dredging service we received from Aquatic Restoration. I am very impressed with the level of customer service we received from them. Totally satisfied from the time to schedule maintenance to the completion of the project. Highly recommend them.

Jennifer Kilburn
Sandy Springs, GA

I love working with the crew at Aquatic Restoration! They are experts in the field and can tackle any of your pond or lake needs. The results of before and after servicing with Aquatic Restoration are truly impressive.

Kennan Ritchie
Marietta, GA

I use this pond management company in several of my HOAs.They are wonderful quick to respond and always reasonably priced. The ponds always look amazing.I strongly recommend anyone looking to hire a pond maintenance company in the area.

Ryan Minkert
Atlanta, GA

Called Aquatic Restoration a couple of weeks ago about pond maintenance and Austin came out well before lunch. He was very helpful and did not charge for the consultation. I hired them for retention pond maintenance for my property. They did really great job. I look forward to working with this company anytime I need pond maintenance company.