Pond Maintenance

A retention pond or detention pond stands as a silent protector against the flood of stormwater, safeguarding our communities from flooding and ensuring the integrity of our water resources. Yet, just as any guardian requires care, these vital water features demand meticulous attention through professional maintenance services. Whether…

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Lakes and ponds are captivating natural features that contribute to the beauty and ecological diversity of many properties. However, over time, these water bodies can face challenges such as sediment accumulation, reduced water depth, and poor water quality. This is where lake and pond dredging come into…

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Aquatic Plant Removal

In the delicate ecosystem beneath the water's surface, aquatic vegetation takes center stage. Yet, when this balance of life gets out of control, it can throw the ecosystem's harmony into disarray. Overgrown aquatic plants can smother fish and fowl habitats, diminish water quality, and mar the natural beauty…

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Lake Management

Water has always held a special allure. Whether for their beauty, recreational activities, or essential needs, lakes play a critical role in our environment and quality of life. At Aquatic Restoration, we want to help you keep your lake well-maintained with our wide selection of professional services including…

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Pond Maintenance

About Us

With years of industry experience, our commitment to aquatic health is unwavering. We understand the delicate balance of nature, and our tailored solutions reflect our dedication to preserving and rejuvenating these ecosystems. Driven by a team of seasoned professionals, our mission is clear: ensure every water body we touch is left healthier, cleaner, and more vibrant than before. We continually invest in research and development to stay at the forefront of aquatic management solutions, further solidifying our role as leaders in the field.

Aquatic Restoration is a lake services company that has offered lake dredging, silt and sediment removal, drain replacement, dam repairs and a variety of services to lake owners in the Southeast since 1970. Every time it rains, silt and sediment are washed downstream and end up in your lake. We specialize in removing this material in the most efficient manner without destroying your property or your budget.

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Our customers love our pond and lake management services. Read some of our happy customers' reviews to see what they have to say about Aquatic Restoration.

Google Reviews
Jack Snyder
Cumming, GA

We are new to the Atlanta area and were overwhelmed when we "inherited" a fish pond with our new home purchase. We researched pond services in our area when we came across Aquatic Restoration. The person who answered the phone was very helpful and was able to schedule a service for the time and day we needed. The crew they sent was very friendly and completed the pond maintenance we needed in a timely manner. We will call them for sure when we need a pond service.

Google Reviews
Julie Beckett
Roswell, GA

Overall excellent service from troubleshooting to repair to maintenance. I feel fortunate to have them help keep our pond and fish happy!! I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of any type of pond service. I would use them without any hesitation when I need pond maintenance.

Google Reviews
Diana Young
Atlanta, GA

My initial interaction with Aquatic Restoration and their team was great. They were quick to respond, explain everything to me, provided a reliable pond maintenance service we needed at a reasonable rate, and provided all the necessary information we needed. They are an honest and reliable pond company to work with.

Google Reviews
Elizabeth Garrett
Newnan, GA

We couldn’t have been happier with Aquatic Restoration. They did a really great job with the dredging and the pond problems we had. I have never seen a crew spend so much time to get every detail right and I really appreciate that. They were always very reliable and professional. I believe no matter what I asked them to do it would have turned out great. They are the company that I will go to when I need any pond-related services. Keep up with the good work.

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